IVY Series Portable Buildings

IVY Series Portable Buildings

Explore IVY container units - perfect for relocatable & portable office use, retail applications, portable toilets, or storage.

Explore the versatile IVY Series, perfect for construction sites, event grounds, and more. These compact units are the ideal moveable offices, as they promise quick setup and adaptability to make your project meetings and administrative work possible on site. 


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Walls & ceiling

40mm EPS galvanised steel & polystyrene sandwich panels for the walls and ceiling for superior insulation, within a heavy duty galvanised steel frame.

Floor & trim

18mm Fibre cement board base subfloor pre-fitted to frame, with standard PVC flooring laid onto subfloor.

Windows & doors

Double glazed tempered glass windows pre-fitted in white aluminium frames. Fitted with standard aluminium front door.


Comes fitted with Australian approved electrical outlets and lights.


Septic System

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Water Tanks

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Air Conditioning

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Our container units are available all across Australia, and can be shipped to your site, wherever it may be. Get in touch with us today to find out more about your shipping options.


Tilt Truck

Truck with tilt tray and winch, which drags the unit on and off the truckbed. An economical transport choice which can place unit onto a slab or flat surface.

Crane Truck

Large crane truck/Hiab which lifts units on and off the truckbed, and can place unit onto footings.


Either flatbed or large truck and trailer, this option includes the unit being loaded onto the truckbed at our warehouse, and a crane being required on-site for the unit to be loaded off. The most economical option for long distances.

Franna Crane

Either Franna crane or a fixed crane on-site, this method is used for lifting the unit on and off the chosen method of transport. Larger units will require larger and heavier cranes.


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Contact us today to enquire further about one of our RUBY or IVY Series' models of container units, and use our free shipping estimate tool to find what the cost of delivery may be.

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