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Driving Success at the IFMAR GT World Championship: The RUBY20 Site Shed

Driving Success at the IFMAR GT World Championship: The RUBY20 Site Shed

Our RUBY20 units made waves at the IFMAR GT World Championship last week! 4x of our units were used as site sheds and provided temporary workspaces for different country's teams.

At the recent IFMAR GT World Championship held at the John Grant International Raceway in Moorebank, NSW, our versatile RUBY20 units took center stage. These units, initially designed for various applications such as temporary offices, showrooms, or site sheds, found an unexpected yet remarkable use as temporary workspaces for multiple teams from different countries.


Revving Up Innovation

The IFMAR GT World Championship is a top event in the world of radio-controlled (RC) car racing, attracting top drivers and teams from around the globe. For this year's event, we provided four RUBY20 units to serve as site sheds. This innovative use of the RUBY20 units showcased their adaptability and versatility in various settings. The units were transformed into temporary workspaces, becoming the hub of activity for different teams. They provided a convenient and comfortable environment for teams to prepare, strategize, and make last-minute adjustments to their RC cars.

Pit Stop Advantage: Quick Setup and Convenience

What made the RUBY20 units particularly suitable for this purpose was their quick setup and folding feature. With only one crane and two workers needed for installation, these units were an efficient choice for providing on-site workspaces. The RUBY20 units played a pivotal role in enhancing the overall experience for teams participating in the championship, allowing them to focus on the race.

Versatility Meets Affordability

The use of the RUBY20 units as site sheds at the IFMAR GT World Championship exemplifies our commitment to offering versatile and adaptable solutions for a wide range of applications. These units have demonstrated their value in a wide range of contexts.

The Finish Line

The success of the IFMAR GT World Championship has allowed us to be a part of their event through our RUBY20 units. Our units, offer an affordable and versatile solution for temporary site sheds, demopnstrated by our involvement in this world-class RC car racing event. 
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