About Us

Home Technology Club's mission and purpose.

Our Mission

Affordable housing is becoming more difficult to come by as house prices continue to rise in Australia. Many Australians have begun to downsize and are looking at more affordable alternative housing solutions.

We believe that every Australian should be able to live comfortably where they want, without having to spend a fortune or stress about expensive mortgage payments. That is why we are passionate in delivering exceptional high quality housing solutions to allow Australians to live comfortably and securely.

What We Do

We specialise in high quality, transportable, prefabricated buildings and homes at an extremely affordable price. We provide new solutions in transportable home building with our packages offering unique designs to fulfil your individual off-grid living ideas.

We are driven by delivering what you need to live comfortably, securely and remotely. That’s why our team is dedicated to understanding your needs and utilising our home packages towards your unique housing desires. 

We offer high grade & exceptional quality additional amenities such as solar panels, water pillow tank storage, solar evacuated hot water system, septic tanks, air-conditioning and lithium battery storage, to allow you to live off the grid.

Our solutions are built to stand the test of time which is why we believe you’ll find the best value for money here at Home Technology Club.

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