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Frequently Asked Questions

If you're considering buying a container home, you likely have a lot of questions. We've compiled a list of the most common questions we receive about container homes and provided clear, concise answers to help you make an informed decision. From questions about cost and design to durability and sustainability, we've got you covered. Our FAQ page has something for everyone. Browse our questions and answers and get one step closer to owning your container home. 

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Unit Questions

VIOLET Series: It is of utmost importance that it is understood that Home Technology Club will provide the highest quality service to facilitate the production and delivery of your shipping container home however we do not provide services regarding the construction of the footings, or installation of the container itself. Our container home requires 4+ people to expand, we recommend hiring a certified builder to assist in the process if you are not comfortable expanding the container yourself.

JULIET Series: JULIET Series units require HTC representatives to complete the unit connections and placement onto footings. We will arrange this with you before delivery.

Our customisations allow you to include more home options to make off-grid living possible. Our JULIET range is highly customisable since we install them at our NSW distribution centre. Both our VIOLET and JULIET ranges can be customised at additional cost. The flexibility of customisations includes, floor plans, kitchen layout, bedroom layout, living space, bedrooms as well as colour schemes. 

Contact us and enquire with your customisations and we will provide you with an affordable solution. 

VIOLET Series: No, the listed price does not include any home options, customisations, additions or upgrades. We do offer these on top of the base unit cost and are able to ship them along with the container unit together.

JULIET Series: The basic JULIET units do not include any home options, customisations or furniture. The price reflects the container unit(s) alone with no added features. Please see our custom unit products for estimated price of a unit including customisations and home options.

Custom JULIET units include options such as Air conditioning, a kitchenette, bathroom and/or sliding glass door(s). The listed price reflects an estimation of what the cost of a unit may come to, depending on the extent of customisations and home options. It does not include furniture or appliances.

  • HTC can arrange local delivery to your site via a third party shipping company. Our quotes are based upon best case scenario sites which means optimal site access & weather conditions
  • Additional charges will be passed onto the customer in the event costs exceed the quote
  • Customers may also organize their own transport and we will load-on your unit for you

Yes, they are manufactured with 240V AC power and safety circuit breakers. This connection is established via a 15 amp plug into the power outlet located at the rear of the home. We strongly recommend hiring a certified electrician to complete the electrical fit out of your container home.

The VIOLET range comes fully plumbed to Australian standards with hot and cold water inlets, as well as being equipped with separate grey water and waste outlets. We strongly recommend hiring a certified plumber to complete the plumbing fit out of your container home. The JULIET Series comes with plumbing inlets/outlets as well.

General Questions

  • Our basic model container units are produced overseas and arrive in scheduled shipments to our NSW distribution centre and holding facilities across the country
  • Depending on your location, we may be able to ship our basic model units immediately
  • If no stock is available, or if you have a custom design, lead time can be 12~16 weeks from time of deposit, excluding shipment to your deployment site, weather permitting
  • Our supplied options are also subject to availability and lead times vary
  • Our container units can be classified as moveable dwellings, not as permanent dwellings
  • Each local council has different requirements and restrictions on what can be classified as a moveable dwelling and we recommend seeking advice from your local council before considering purchasing a container unit
  • There are some provisions under NSW State Legislation for our units to be classified as a caravan or campervan (regardless whether on wheels or not), with restrictions on who can occupy the caravan and for how long
  • We can provide documentation regarding the design of our container units for council reference, but we do not provide any certification or apply to councils to bypass development approvals on your behalf
  • For the NSW State Legislation, see “Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2021 - Part 3, Division 2, Subdivision 3, Section 77”
  • 59 Mulgrave Rd, Mulgrave, NSW 2756: MON-FRI 9am~5pm, SAT by appointment only
  • 8 Precision Place, Mulgrave NSW 2756: MON-FRI 9am-5pm, (SAT 9am-1pm by APPOINTMENT ONLY)
  • 577 Woodville Road, Guildford NSW 2161: MON-FRI 9am-5pm, SAT 9am~12pm
  • 252A Ballarat Rd, Braybrook VIC 3019: MON-FRI open from 9am-5pm - APPOINTMENT ONLY

Making a deposit is the best way to guarantee that you can secure your desired quantity of container homes. Our deposit costs are 20% of the container itself (excluding home options and freight).

Allocation will be determined based on stock levels and the next available unit at your closest distribution centre.

If in the event you make a deposit before a freight cost can be facilitated and you decide that it is not financially viable, you will be able to receive a refund for your deposit in full.

Freight Questions

The container homes are manufactured overseas and then shipped to our Sydney distribution centre for quality assurance. We can assist in facilitating a local freight company to deliver your container home to its delivery site via a flatbed, tilt truck, or crane truck. 


  • Requires a separate crane to lift the container home on and off a truck and is better suited for orders to be delivered outside the Sydney Metropolitan Area. 

Hiab/Crane Truck 

  • A flatbed truck with a mounted crane and is best suited for orders to be delivered inside the Sydney Metropolitan Area. 


  • Home is shipped via a train, suitable for long distance.

Direct To Port

  • Container home is shipped directly to your nearest port, primary method for interstate and overseas orders (minimum of either 2x20ft homes or 1x40ft homes to be sent to the port, can be delivered in conjunction with another customer's order if needed)

Please let us know where you are located and what unit you are interested in, we will send a freight quote as soon as we are able. ESTIMATED average freight charges are ~$450 per 50km.

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