Electric Forklift 2t TDER

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Our Tider 2 Ton Electric Forklift is an exceptional addition to any warehouse or logistics department. With no need for refuelling cut down on your carbon footprint and lower operational costs while streamlining efficiency with your own brand new electric forklift. With a 2 ton lifting capacity, you'll be able to stock, stack, lift, and load pallets as if they were a feather.

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TIDER 2 Ton Electric Forklift - BRAND NEW



Load Capacity


Load Centre


Weight with Battery


Overall Length


Vehicle Width


Fork Size

1070mm X 120mm X 40mm

Turning Radius


Speed loaded - unloaded

13-13.5 km/h

Drive System



Extra info:

The TDER Electric Forklift, with its 2-ton lifting capacity, is a nimble and efficient solution for material handling tasks in diverse industrial settings. This electric forklift is designed to offer a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative for businesses looking to reduce their environmental impact while maintaining high performance. With zero emissions during operation and a quiet electric motor, the TDER electric forklift is well-suited for indoor applications, making it an ideal choice for warehouses, retail spaces, and manufacturing facilities. Equipped with cutting-edge electric technology, the TDER forklift ensures smooth and precise handling of loads, enhancing productivity in various material handling operations. The 2-ton lifting capacity provides versatility, allowing operators to efficiently move and stack goods in confined spaces. The electric forklift's compact design, combined with advanced safety features, makes it a reliable and efficient choice for businesses seeking a sustainable and agile solution for their material handling needs.

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