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Top 5 Reasons To Own A Lowara Water Pump

Top 5 Reasons To Own A Lowara Water Pump

From ensuring a reliable water supply in off-grid locations to driving efficient irrigation and delivering clean drinking water, Lowara Water Pumps play a pivotal role in a number of residential and agricultural applications. 

We're exploring the Top 5 uses for Water Pumps and highlighting the versatility and reliability of our range of Lowara Water Pumps with Genyo Electric Control. 

1. Off Grid Capabilities

Our range of container homes offer freedom and sustainability through off grid living, however securing a water supply can be a challenge. Our range of Lowara Water pumps can provide a consistent flow of water even in remote locations. The self-priming centrifugal pumps combined with a built-in ejector system ensure reliable and consistent water access no matter where you set up your off grid dwelling. 

2. Agriculture

Our Italian engineered Water Pumps assure that crops and livestock have access to water with consistent pressure across both small and large scale operations. Designed to handle the distribution of water across fields and other large areas, our Lowara Water Pumps with Genyo Electric Control are the best suited for this scale.

3. Drinking Water

Access to clean, drinkable water is a basic necessity and our Lowara Water Pumps are an excellent medium of providing it. Pressed with stainless steel, our range of pumps ensures that the water remains pure and free from contaminants therefore preserving the quality of water being sent through. 

4. Irrigation

Efficient irrigation is a staple of successful farming and landscaping. Our Lowara Water pumps have the strength and capability to tend to a small garden or manage irrigation across large fields. With Genyo Electric Control you can determine how much water is delivered precisely where it’s needed, promoting healthy growth for livestock, crops as well as greenery.

5. Pressure Boosting

Maintaining consistent water pressure is essential for residential and agricultural applications. Our Lowara Pumps provide reliable pressure boosting for all applications to ensure you can benefit from steady water flow. 

Our Lowara Water Pumps fitted with Genyo Electric Control are built by Italian engineers in order to satisfy your water supply needs across off grid solutions, agricultural applications, drinking water, irrigation and boosting water pressure. Features such as automatic activation provide you with the guarantee that you will have a consistently flowing water supply with in-built fault detection.

Explore our full range of Lowara Water Pumps today and contact us if you have any questions.