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Modular Buildings - The Future of Affordable Living

Modular Buildings - The Future of Affordable Living

In today's day and age, affordable and eco-friendly living are on people's minds, and it's moving in an upward trend. Waste rubble from abandoned and demolished buildings are a real problem in cities around the globe. 

What is one solution that solves this environmental and spatial issue? 

Modular buildings.

They are a new and trending way to utilise space in the most efficient manner possible.

With modular (also referred to as demountable or prefab) buildings' ability to be taken down and re-assembled in a matter of hours, this saves countless hours of manpower and construction.

Modular, demountable buildings make it easy to pick up, place on a truck, and transport anywhere across the country.

These types of buildings also make it easy for people with land looking for an affordable secondary living space, or rental unit. At HTC, we call these modular houses our JULIET Series.

juliet2 modular container house

What are modular houses?

Modular houses are, put simply, boxes that can be attached, assembled, disassembled and relocated with relative ease. 

These boxes, otherwise known as containers, or container homes, can easily be fitted out with custom flooring, appliances, and furniture to one's liking.

Like an actual shipping container, these modular houses are the same size, and are compatible to be transported on the back of transport trucks with ease.

To deliver modular houses, the house is craned onto a truckbed, then transported to the customer's site with prepared footings, then another crane is required on site to simply place it onto the footings.

 crane unloading modular container house

Image: JULIET3 Modular Container Home being craned onto footings

Modular, prefabricated homes are a solution to many of today's issues when it comes to real estate and housing. 

If you want to relocate your house at any time or simply want to drop a granny flat into your backyard, modular houses are your answer. 

How expensive are modular homes?

Modular, prefab container homes are extremely varied when it comes to price. 

The price factors in customisations, additions, options, freight cost (where your site is located) and even more factors.

Some modular homes may be upwards of $100,000. On the other hand, at HTC our modular container units start at $11,995 (with no customisations). You can find that unit here, the JULIET1.

A typical, fully customised modular container home will come to an average of $29,000. You can find a custom JULIET1 here, which includes glazed tiled floors, full Italian kitchen, custom bathroom, A/C, hot water, and more.

juliet1 container modular home australia

Image: JULIET1 Modular Container Home with verandah

What's the difference between a container home and modular house?

Modular houses can be considered the same as container homes. In reality, "container homes" is an overarching term that includes expandable units, modular units, converted shipping containers, and more. 

This question seems to get asked a lot, and we wanted to clear it up, so we made an article about this topic, comparing the different types of container homes on the market today.

We even made an incredibly in-depth infographic that will help you easily compare the differences between the different units.

The usage of modular buildings today in the United States

iMod, a modular building company from the US, along with the Youtube channel Freethink created a video demonstrating the dynamic and wide range of usage cases that modular buildings give.

Below you can find the video from their Youtube:

To learn more about our range of modular houses, see our JULIET Series