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Double 20ft Modular Container Home

Featuring two JULIET modular units attached together, this 20ft long container home is suitable as a cabin, off-grid tiny home or granny flat.

Custom Black Double 20ft Modular Container Home - 28m²

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Available from Mulgrave NSW Display Home Yard

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The JULIET2 makes small form factor living a reality for anyone. Perfect for an ensuite or 2 bedroom granny flat, tiny home, modular home, holiday cabin, single bedroom living, or even as a short term rental unit.


  • Exterior: 6.00m(L) x 4.9m(W) x 2.79m(H)
  • Interior: 27.2m²
  • Approx. Weight - 3 tonnes (1.5 tonnes per unit, excluding customisations)

What's Included

See our model configurations below ⤵

The JULIET2 comes as an empty unit with a standard swing door, blue PVC flooring, electrical & lighting and can be modified with the following add-ons (featured in the product photos):

  • Basic or Premium Kitchen
  • Basic or Premium Bathroom
  • Flooring upgrade: Lino or Tile
  • Sliding glass doors
  • Double glazed windows
  • Air conditioning
  • All other home options found here

The listed price is dependent on level of customisation, your JULIET unit may differ in price from the one listed above.

Materials & Construction

  • 75mm TPS + steel sandwich panel walls/ceiling
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel frame
  • 18mm fibre cement subfloor board base, pre-fitted to steel frame.
  • Pre-wired outlets, switches and power box
  • Australian standards approved electrical cabling
  • Plumbing fittings, taps, shower and fixtures with WaterMark certification
  • Separate drain pipes for waste water and grey water

Shipping of JULIET Series units requires flatbed or hiab truck (excl. tilt tray truck) and must be shipped individually to site; units do not ship joined together. Final shipping and customisation costs to be given via quotation.

Please note that our JULIET Range is built and distributed from our Mulgrave Head Office in NSW, interstate freight is available at your own organisation.

Inspections of our display home are available upon request at our site in Mulgrave, NSW. Please contact us for further information. 

Units are ready to be built however depending on the model and extent of customisations the lead time could range from 12-16 weeks


Strength and durability

The JULIET series are designed to carry extremely heavy loads and resist harsh environments. They use TPS panel for the walls meaning they are fire-resistant, can withstand extreme heat and insulate your unit extraordinarily.

High value for space

Compared to buying a home on the market or building your own, our expandable container units provide you with everything you need to live comfortably at a fraction of the cost, with the same homely feel.

Multitude of applications

Our container units don’t just need to be used for homes. Whether you need an affordable granny flat, vacation home, office space, storage room, reception or tiny home, our container homes will get the job done.


  • Container Unit x2 with Swing Door
  • Double Glazed Windows with Screen x3
  • LED Downlights x16
  • Double Power Points x4, Light Switch & Power Board
  • Container Unit x2
  • Wood Style Lino Floor
  • Double Sliding Glass Door
  • Premium Bathroom
  • Premium Italian Kitchen
  • Electric Hot Water System
  • Gree Split System Air Conditioner
  • Double Glazed Windows with Screens x4
  • Beside LED lights with USB ports x2
  • Exterior LED Porch Lights x2
  • LED Downlights x16
  • Double Power Points x8, Light Switch x3 & Power Board
  • Container Unit x2
  • Full Glazed Ceramic Tile Flooring
  • Double Sliding Glass Door
  • Premium Bathroom
  • Premium Italian Kitchen
  • Electric Hot Water System
  • Gree Split System Air Conditioner
  • Double Glazed Windows with Screens x4
  • 32" TV & Satellite Antenna
  • Beside LED lights with USB ports x2
  • Exterior LED Porch Lights x2
  • LED Downlights x16
  • Double Power Points x8, Light Switch x3 & Power Board

Let us know what configurations you desire for your own custom unit.

We can add or remove options and additions to your liking, we will work with you and supply you with a quote according to your needs.


  • 27.2m² Total Inteior Area
  • 6m(L) x 4.9m(W) x 2.7m(H)
  • 75mm thick TPS polystyrene-steel sandwich panel walls
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel powder coated frame


JULIET2 Floorplan Drawings

JULIET Series Brochure

JULIET Series Installation Overview

JULIET Footings Guide

Freight Methods Brochure


  • Modifying window placement, door placements and adding our home options are common customisations. You can install a bathroom or kitchenette, add wall partitions to make rooms, or completely remove the walls between the JULIET units for an open concept.
  • A custom floorplan layout is the best way to customize your unit to make it your own. Feel free to modify our default floorplans to your liking, and send it to us so we can give you a quote.

Our units do not come with furniture or appliances, however:

We offer pre-configured JULIET models which each include different options such as bathrooms and kitchens. See our "Model configurations" section above to see what options each configuration has.

JULIET units are delivered by means of flatbed or crane truck. They are craned on and off the back of the truck and placed onto your prepared footings.

  • HTC can arrange local delivery to your site via a third party shipping company. Our quotes are based upon best case scenario sites which means optimal site access & weather conditions
  • Additional charges will be passed onto the customer in the event costs exceed the quote
  • Customers may also organize their own transport and we will load-on your unit for you

For JULIET2 units, we may be able to assist in connecting your units together. If we are unable to assist due to your site location, you may want to hire a handyman to help with attaching the units together and connecting your power and water supply.

We will supply you with a comprehensive installation and connection guide when you purchase our units.

  • Our basic model container units are produced overseas and arrive in scheduled shipments to our NSW distribution centre and holding facilities across the country
  • Depending on your location, we may be able to ship our basic model units immediately
  • If no stock is available, or if you have a custom design, lead time can be 12~16 weeks from time of deposit, excluding shipment to your deployment site, weather permitting
  • Our supplied options are also subject to availability and lead times vary
  • Our container units can be classified as moveable dwellings, not as permanent dwellings
  • Each local council has different requirements and restrictions on what can be classified as a moveable dwelling and we recommend seeking advice from your local council before considering purchasing a JULIET Series container unit
  • There are some provisions under NSW State Legislation for our units to be classified as a caravan or campervan (regardless whether on wheels or not), with restrictions on who can occupy the caravan and for how long
  • Please visit our Links & Documents page to find some links to state documentation regarding moveable dwellings
  • We can provide documentation regarding the design of our container units for council reference, but we do not provide any certification or apply to councils to bypass development approvals on your behalf
  • For the NSW State Legislation, see “Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2021 - Part 3, Division 2, Subdivision 3, Section 77”

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