1500L Septic Tank - Pump Out and Absorption Trench Compatible

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The 1500L Three Chamber Septic Tank from Home Technology Club is designed to provide efficient and effective treatment of sewage in residential, commercial and industrial areas. With a capacity of 1500 litres, this tank is suitable for a 2~4 person household, depending on frequency of use.

This tank is constructed from rotational moulded polypropylene in a clam shell design, with two large pieces to be fitted together during installation. It features 3 separate chambers for the processing of waste water. The tanks are made to be buried for installation and are not designed as above ground tanks. 


  • Size: 2009mm(L) * 1082mm(W) * 1037mm(H)
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Thickness: 4mm
  • Material: PP+PE
  • Observation Holes: 315mm * 200mm * 200mm
  • Number of users: 2 - 4


Top shell, bottom shell, 2x partitions, observation covers, bolts & nuts for closing tank, extension barrels for observation holes

Required For Installation:

Industrial sealant (silastic or high quality double sided tape), connecting plumbing including inlet/outlet piping & baffle extensions

Key Features:

  • Capacity: Suitable for 2-4 person households, depending on usage frequency.
  • Design: Clam shell construction with three separate chambers for effective waste water processing.
  • Installation: Designed for burial; not suitable for above-ground use. 
  • Observation Portholes: Three observation portholes, one for each partition section.
  • Versatility: Can be connected to a leach field or absorption trench system for clear liquid waste processing.
  • Transport: Clam shell design fits on trailers, utes, trucks, etc. We will ship them via our courier via a skid or available for pickup.

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