Hydraulic Diesel Excavator 2.5t Lifting Capacity

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TIDER 2.5 Ton Diesel Excavator - BRAND NEW

Our Tider 2.5 Ton Diesel Excavator is an exceptional addition to any construction, remodelling or demolition sites. With a 26L Diesel fuel tank you'll be able to make use of the excavator for extended periods of time which will streamline efficiency with your own brand new excavator. With a 2.5 ton lifting capacity, you'll be able to meet all of your moving, digging, and lifting requirements for any job.

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Swing Speed

12-14 r/min

Bucket Digging Force

11.5 kN

Arm Digging Force

9.3 kN


System Working Pressure

16 kN

Overall Length


Overall Width


Overall Height


Ground Clearance


Track Length


Track Width


Max. Digging Radius


Max. Digging Depth


Max. Digging Height


Max. Dumping Height


Max. Dozer Cutting


Max. Dozer Lifting


Extra info:

The TDER Hydraulic Diesel Excavator with a robust 2.5-ton lifting capacity is a heavy-duty construction machine engineered for demanding excavation tasks. Featuring a powerful hydraulic system, this excavator ensures efficient digging and lifting capabilities, making it well-suited for medium to large-scale projects. With its sturdy build and advanced technology, the excavator delivers reliable performance, addressing the diverse needs of construction sites that require substantial lifting capacities. Designed for durability and precision, the TDER hydraulic diesel excavator with a 2.5-ton lifting capacity is equipped to handle various applications, including digging foundations, moving heavy materials, and performing intricate excavations. The diesel engine provides consistent power, ensuring optimal performance and productivity throughout extended work sessions. This hydraulic excavator stands as a dependable solution for construction professionals seeking a high-capacity machine with the strength and efficiency to tackle challenging excavation projects with ease.

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