20L Continuous Flow LPG Hot Water System

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The 20L Continuous Flow Midea LPG Hot Water System is a reliable and efficient water heating solution that provides on-demand hot water for your home or business. Powered by LPG gas, this system delivers hot water continuously, without the need for a storage tank, which saves space and energy. Its 20L capacity is perfect for medium to large households, providing enough hot water to meet your daily needs. The system features advanced safety features, including a flame failure device, overheat protection, and anti-freezing protection, which ensure safe and reliable operation. The compact design of the unit allows for easy installation, even in tight spaces, and the digital display and easy-to-use controls make it simple to adjust the water temperature to your desired level. With its reliable performance, energy efficiency, and safety features, the 20L Continuous Flow Midea LPG Hot Water System is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a constant supply of hot water on demand.

  • Highly Efficient – high energy rating means they require less energy & provide greater savings on your gas bill.
  • Multiple Gas Types – Available in both Natural gas and Propane (LPG) to suit your particular energy source.
  • Frost Protection – Equipped with an inbuilt freeze prevention system allowing operation in freezing temperatures.
  • Pre-Set Models Available – 50°C & 70°C pre-set models available to best suit your application.
  • Compact Size – A tankless unit that is compact and wall mountable.
  • Hot Flow Technology – ‘Hot Flow’ technology minimises gas, water &electricity wastage.
  • Suits Multiple – Units can be manifolded together to create systems with higher output capacities.

Extra info:

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) hot water systems offer a reliable and energy-efficient solution for residential hot water needs. These systems are designed for optimal performance, providing instant and continuous hot water. Unlike traditional electric systems, LPG hot water systems ensure quick heating, delivering a ready and reliable supply. One key advantage of LPG hot water systems is their cost-effectiveness and environmental friendliness. LPG is a clean-burning fuel, reducing the environmental impact associated with hot water usage. Additionally, these systems are known for their efficiency, making them a practical choice for households looking to enhance their energy efficiency and lower their overall utility costs.

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