6 Ton Heavy Duty Dolly Skate Steel Cargo Trolley

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6 Ton Dolly Roller Skate, the perfect solution for heavy load handling in your workshop or industrial setting. With a weight capacity of 6 tons, this roller skate is designed to easily move and transport large and heavy loads with ease.

This roller skate features four heavy-duty casters, each with a dynamic load capacity of 6 tons. The casters are made from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and longevity. The dolly also features a sturdy steel frame that provides stability and support, making it ideal for heavy loads.

The 6 Ton Dolly Roller Skate is equipped with an adjustable plate that allows you to adjust the height to fit the load you are moving, making it easier to roll the load over different surfaces. The plate is also adjustable to different widths, so you can accommodate loads of different sizes.

This roller skate is easy to use and manoeuvre, thanks to its smooth-rolling casters. The casters have 360-degree swivel capability, making it effortless to change direction and navigate tight spaces.

Whether you're moving heavy machinery, large containers, or any other bulky item, the 6 Ton Dolly Roller Skate is the perfect tool for the job. Its robust construction and reliable performance make it an indispensable asset for any workshop or industrial setting.


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The 6 Ton Heavy Duty Dolly Skate Steel Cargo Trolley redefines the standards of industrial transport solutions. Engineered with robustness in mind, this heavy-duty dolly skate is crafted from high-quality steel, ensuring resilience and durability in demanding environments. With a remarkable load capacity of 6 tons, it stands as a reliable companion for moving heavy cargo with ease and precision. Designed for efficiency and strength, the steel construction of the 6 Ton Heavy Duty Dolly Skate guarantees long-lasting performance under substantial loads. The trolley's maneuverability is enhanced by its multi-directional wheels, allowing smooth and controlled movement in any direction. In the realm of heavy-duty cargo handling, this steel cargo trolley emerges as a stalwart choice for industries and businesses seeking a dependable and robust solution for the seamless transport of substantial loads.

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