8kg Heat Pump Dryer

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The heat pump drying technology offers a more gentle drying process for your clothes, resulting in significant reductions in running costs. Its exceptional efficiency makes it a 7-star worthy addition to your home! (Esatto 8kg Heat Pump Dryer)


  • 8Kg clothes capacity
  • 16 Drying programs
  • Delay Start option
  • Anti-crease option
  • Internal Drum Light
  • 7 Star energy rating 

Extra info:

The 8kg Heat Pump Dryer redefines laundry efficiency with its advanced technology and thoughtful design. Boasting an 8kg capacity, this dryer accommodates substantial loads, making it ideal for busy households. What sets it apart is the implementation of heat pump technology, ensuring optimal drying performance while keeping energy consumption in check. The sensor drying technology further refines its efficiency by adjusting drying times based on the moisture levels in each load. In the realm of laundry appliances, the 8kg Heat Pump Dryer is a standout choice for those who prioritize both performance and sustainability. Its substantial capacity, coupled with energy-saving features, makes it an indispensable addition to modern homes. Experience hassle-free and eco-friendly clothes drying with this cutting-edge heat pump dryer.

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