Rinnai 160L Electric Hot Water Heater

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Designed for peace-of-mind, the hot water tanks are thermostatically controlled with safety temperature shut off and the unique blend of enamel and enhanced sacrificial anode protection extends its lifespan.


• Full range of capacities to suit all applications – 25 to 400 litres*

• Standard sizing perfect for emergency changeover

• Single or twin element configurations

• Complete range of elements and anodes

• Dual handed for flexible installation

• Suitable for internal and external installations#

• 7 year cylinder warranty on 25L and 50L models

• 10 Year cylinder on 80L to 400L models

• Class leading Rinnai quality and durability

Extra info:

Rinnai electric hot water heaters stand out as reliable and efficient appliances designed to meet diverse hot water needs. Featuring advanced technology, these electric heaters are equipped with high-quality heating elements that ensure rapid and consistent water heating. The precision engineering of Rinnai electric hot water heaters makes them a dependable choice for residential and commercial applications, delivering hot water on demand. An impressive aspect of Rinnai electric hot water heaters is their compact design, allowing for space-efficient installation in various settings. The sleek and modern construction of these heaters doesn't compromise on performance, offering a seamless blend of form and function. With user-friendly controls and durable components, Rinnai electric hot water heaters provide a practical and efficient solution for those seeking a reliable source of hot water in their homes or businesses.

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